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The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) determines the dates for the summer, winter and May holidays each year. All primary and secondary schools are bound to these dates. In addition, the ministry provides advisory dates for the autumn and spring holidays where there is room for additional free days.

In the Netherlands, the government spreads the main holidays to reduce, among other things, travel delays and other issues. The Netherlands is divided into three regions: North, Middle and South. Amersfoort is in the Middle region.

According to Dutch law, vacations must be taken during the allocated school holidays. If you would like to take your children out of school, outside of the scheduled school breaks, you must request permission for special leave. You can download the form from the Policies and Documents section of our website.


The AIS holiday calendar is drawn up in accordance with SKOSS-KPOA regulations. This calendar also includes public holidays. In addition, AIS has study days for staff; on these days, there is no school for the students.

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