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Admission to Dutch International Schools is subject to conditions in accordance with Dutch legislation and is dependent upon the school programme being appropriate for the applicant’s needs and that there are places available. 

Students may qualify for a place at Amersfoort International School if:

Whether the school is appropriate for the student is determined by previous school reports, personal interviews, details of any Special Educational Needs and contact with previous school(s).


Parents/guardians will be asked to set up an account in OpenApply which will enable them to log in and view the status of their application process. It will also enable parents/guardians to upload the required documents, such as a copy of the student's passport and reports from previous school(s), where applicable.

Through OpenApply, the school will confirm the receipt of an application. An admission interview will be arranged on location or via video call.  Admission to the school will be confirmed only once it has been approved by the Head/Deputy Head.

Final confirmation of placement will be sent within 6 weeks of the receipt of the completed application documentation.

Standard Terms and Conditions

For more detailed information about the admission process, please download the AIS Standard Terms and Conditions 2023-2024.

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