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About AIS

About AIS

Amersfoort International School

Learning to support our students' journey and to enrich the community

From school year 2023-2024, Amersfoort will have an international primary school. Amersfoort International School (AIS) is founded by KPOA and linked to primary school De Kubus. AIS will offer English-language international primary education for children from 4 to 12 years old in an attractive school building on Noordewierweg in Amersfoort.

A community school in the city of Amersfoort

Successful schools are at the heart of a community and AIS is extremely fortunate to be located in the community of Amersfoort with a diverse and multinational population. AIS  will reach out to the local and international communities in order to learn from and share its educational practices with Dutch regular schools in the Amersfoort region.


The success of our students will start with our teachers. Staff appointed to AIS will be well-qualified professionals committed to international education and to the school's ethos and mission. The teachers will bring the values of the school into the classroom.

AIS will be led by a team with a broad experience in international education within and outside the Netherlands.


Learning for all

Amersfoort International School's mission is 'Learning for all, to support our student's journey and to enrich the community'. Learning for all is the key, AIS will be a learning community where everyone is included and motivated to be successful.

Dutch International Primary Schools

Amersfoort International School as a Dutch International Primary School (DIPS) will be a member of the Dutch International Schools (DIS), the network of subsidised international schools in the Netherlands where knowledge and experiences are shared.


AIS is an independent international school, but is formally a department for International Oriented Primary Education (IGBO) linked to primary school De Kubus. The Ministry of Education (OCW) has granted a license; with this license the school is subject to the quality supervision of the Dutch Inspectorate of Education and will be subsidised which will allow for affordable fees.

Internationalisation and equal opportunities

With its knowledge of diversity, language difficulties and inclusion, Amersfoort International School will, in the years to come, also be developed as a centre of expertise in a network of regular schools for education opportunities in Amersfoort. This initiative is called the Amersfoort Model and promotes equal opportunities and unification in the city. The Amersfoort Model will be based on this whereby Amersfoort International School will form the knowledge centre for all schools with equal opportunities in relation to global citizenship and inclusion.

Amersfoort International School

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