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Primary School De Kubus

Amersfoort International School is an independent international school. Formally, AIS is recognized as a department of Internationally-Oriented Primary Education (IGBO), linked to primary school De Kubus in Amersfoort. De Kubus is, just as AIS, under the umbrella of SKOSS-KPOA.

De Kubus has two locations in the Amersfoort Soesterkwartier. The location on Noordewierweg will be shared with AIS over the next few years, until De Kubus moves to a new location in Amersfoort.

Learning together, working together, living together

At De Kubus, children can be themselves and they learn to care for each other and the environment. The three core values of learning together, working together and living together form the basis of education. All children of primary school age are welcome, regardless of their origins or life philosophy. Everyone is unique and is allowed to be, make mistakes, learn from and with each other and have their own opinion. 

Positive Behaviour Support

De Kubus ensures that there is a learning environment in which each child feels safe and at home. The school uses the method Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), a school-wide approach focused on creating a positive and safe school atmosphere.

Additional information

Additional information on primary school De Kubus may be found on the (Dutch language) website www.kbsdekubus.nl.

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