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Amersfoort International School is part of KPOA, one of the largest educational organisations for primary education in Amersfoort and surrounding areas. As well as AIS, KPOA has seventeen other primary schools under its umbrella, including one for special needs education. 

The KPOA school teams are committed to use their skills and talents to foster the development and learning of children, regardless of their origin or life philosophy.

We believe in you

Our motto at KPOA is ‘We believe in you’. We believe in the power of development of children. We try to guarantee their development and learning, by building a trusting relationship and by allowing them to experience and to connect with the wealth of our culture and society. In this, we believe in the power and craftmanship of professionals to trigger target-oriented learning processes.

KPOA - We believe in you

The antropological motive of wanting to be unique as an individual human being creates the basic (pedagogical) need for autonomy.  Our guiding value to deal with this is Confidence; you can be you with all your dreams and imperfections, and you can be who you essentially want to be.

The antropological motive of wanting to be part of a community creates the basic (pedagogical) need for relationships. Our guiding value to deal with this is Connectedness; we enter into a relationship together and we connect ourselves to common goals from the realisation that we continue to build the community of which we are a part.

The antropological motive of wanting to contribute in a meaningful way to culture and society creates the basic (pedagogical) need for being competent. Our guiding value to deal with this is Craftsmanship; we recognise that education requires a moral compass, professional vulnerability and, in dialogue, working together within our environment on continuous development of capabilities.

Additional information?

Additional information on KPOA may be found on the (Dutch language) website of KPOA: www.kpoa.nl

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