IGBO Amersfoort International School


Amersfoort International School is part of SKOSS-KPOA, one of the largest educational organisations for primary education in Amersfoort and the surrounding area. The SKOSS-KPOA school board includes 24 primary schools, including some with unique educational concepts.

SKOSS-KPOA believes in the power of child development and offers contemporary, future-oriented, high-quality, primary education. Our schools work together based on a shared vision, in which each individual school has the time and space to focus on its core task, in its specific neighborhood or village.

"Great education by the best educational professionals"


For more information, visit www.skoss-kpoa.nl or e-mail: info@skoss-kpoa.nl.


Amersfoort International School

Noordewierweg 235
3812 DH Amersfoort

+31 (0)6 57 25 70 60
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