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It is our mission to support our student’s journey and to enrich our community. Our highly skilled team is committed to make our school a safe place for each of our students to thrive, socially and emotionally.

Jaap Mos - Head of School AIS

Jaap Mos - Head of School

Jaap Mos has been involved with national and international education for more than 30 years and was founding principal of several international schools in the Netherlands and abroad. He started working with the International Baccalaureate (IB) in 1998 and has continued to do so ever since. While working in IB schools, Jaap has developed a passion for the role of language in its relation to identity, international mindedness, and academic development. He has worked with KPOA since 2021 on establishing the Amersfoort International School.

Eryn Wiseman - PYP coordinator and class teacher AIS

Eryn Wiseman - Curriculum coordinator and class teacher

Eryn Wiseman has worked with various national and international schools in and outside the Netherlands as a teacher and consultant. She has taught in most primary grades and has many years of experience as a PYP educator. Eryn was involved in the establishment of the International Schools in Delft and Utrecht and still works in Utrecht as class teacher. She will finish the academic year 2022-2023 at IS Utrecht and concurrently start as curriculum coordinator at AIS. As of the start of our first academic year she will be part of our team as a class teacher and continue as coordinator. Eryn is American and was a student at international schools herself.

Bronwyn de Ru - Class teacher

Bronwyn de Ru has worked as a primary school teacher in South Africa for seven years. In 2022 she moved over to the Netherlands with her family, where she has been working as a group 3 teacher at an international school. In her teaching career she has taught early years through to group 5. Bronwyn studied teaching through the University of South Africa where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in education. She will be joining our team as a class teacher.


In the coming months we will diligently expand our team. We look for highly qualified and certified colleagues to form a team that reflects the international diversity of the society.


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