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The school fees are established annually for the following academic year, taking into account, among other considerations, indexation and inflation. In addition, the school reserves the right to further adjust the school fee in order to accommodate changes, such as in state funding of school fees or extension of facilities.

AIS is a school which receives a subsidy from the Dutch government. This allows the fees to be lower than those of non-subsidised international schools in the Netherlands.

Additional information on the fees, including information on how to pay, may be found in the document AIS Standard Terms and Conditions.

Application Fee

For the school to be able to start the review of any application, AIS charges an (non-refundable) application fee of €250. Please note that the payment of the application fee does not guarantee a place in the school, nor can any rights be attached to the payment of the fee.

School Fees AIS 2024-2025

Annual School Fee € 4,160
Deposit (once-only, refundable) for new students € 500
Various activities, including school photos Charged per event


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