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The merger of two school boards

The merger of two school boards

The official partnership between the SKOSS and KPOA school boards is off to a great start in 2024. With 24 schools now under its joint leadership, SKOSS-KPOA is showing its commitment to quality education more than ever.

Great efforts have been made over the last few months to bring the formerly separate school boards together for various training sessions, workshops and other inspiring activities. Opportunities for staff from various schools to meet and get to know one another are offered frequently, and are appreciated by school leadership and support staff.

"Now that our network of schools has expanded to 24, there is even more opportunity to learn from each other, share best practices and offer support to one another," said Jaap Mos, Head of School at Amersfoort International School. "I have been delighted to get to know my new colleagues over the last several months, and there is always more to learn."

To find our more about SKOSS-KPOA visit SKOSS-KPOA

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